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Our Purpose & Programs

Many of these proven programs are performed by other organizations while some are performed by our volunteers. Further, a few of these programs are only concept ideas that are posted to encourage others to take the initiative and adopt the program with the express purpose of helping our people to succeed.
“Ideas are the spark that encourages successful concepts to come to fruition”.

This paper lists several programs that are intended to create a self-reliance environment with short to long term concepts that will hopefully bring in a new generation of concerned citizens and responsible leaders.

The American Indian Humanitarian Foundation (AIHF) delivers a broad range of program services and opportunities to poor and isolated Native American communities from California to Minnesota reservations.

Over the years many of our new staff and volunteers have had experience in most of not all of these effective programs.

AIHF has developed a unique approach in helping to ease the hardship that these distressed community’s experience, while focusing special emphasis on assisting Native American Youth, the Elders, Disabled and Families that they may live in comfort and dignity. It is our traditional culture and the ways of our ancestors to care for those who can not care for themselves; the widow, the elder who carry the wisdom of the culture, the sick and disabled, and the cultures future: our youth.

All AIHF Programs attempt to involve Native Americans from the reservation communities when possible that we serve. Yet, the AIHF have for example, Cahuilla Indians from California helping Pine Ridge and Rosebud reservation in South Dakota. These individuals volunteer their own time, money, transportation and skills to help fulfill AIHF’s mission:
“to operate as a community organization which serves to support North American Indians with charitable, educational and cultural programs that advance quality of life while promoting social dignity through relief of the poor, the distressed, or the underprivileged resulting in Native North American Indians of all nations achieving self-sufficiency and empowerment within the path of cultural and spiritual traditions.”

Some of these dedicated volunteers have decades of experience in humanitarian work, yet they have worked unselfishly without accepting any payment, which traditionally would be an insult to accept.

Understand some of these programs presently functioning for us while others have been tested to prove their effectiveness. Some programs have not been tested or implemented. However, with years of experience observing first hand the hopelessness that has lead to shocking poverty resulting in drug and spousal abuse, these programs have been suggested or attempted by Indian people with little funding or support from organizations or government agencies. If the Creator is willing we will try our best as Native American volunteers to bring about such positive opportunities.

AIHF Programs focus on:
Community Indian Projects with emphases on Indians – Helping – Indians resulting in creating Self-Reliance.
Youth Wolf Pups Program:
A Youth Style Summer Training Camp. Helping to foster future generations of quality citizens and positive leaders. This program would promote positive activities for or young people.
Infant Kits:
Helping new parents have healthy babies with infant kits that provide the necessary baby supplies many parents cannot afford.
Hygiene Kits:
Helping those who need soap, tooth past and toiletry items including women personal hygiene needs.
Delivers nutritious food supplies to isolated and deprived Elders and families in Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservations in South Dakota as well as other reservations in need.
Delivering summer and mostly winter clothing, including blankets to Native American families. We collect donated clothes from the Mormon church communities in Utah to California private and public organizations and individuals.
Christmas for Indians:
A program that communities, organizations, businesses and church's can support to help make the holidays a little better for Indian people and especially children who are truly in need. Including gifts of blankets for elders, needed items for the families and toys for children.
Firewood for Indians
This program would consist of volunteers who bring needed firewood to elders and disabled on the Reservation (Rez). Providing fire wood for cooking and heating with the volunteer support from their community.
Big Brother & Sister
Big Indian Brother & Big Indian Sister Youth Program. Help Mentor an Indian Child & Help Foster in an Abusive Free Generation. Do You Have Time, Skills & Spiritual Patience to Mentor a Young Indian Boy or Girl? Positive Role Models Wanted.
Disaster Relief:
Assisting vulnerable populations when hit by fires, flood, extreme winters, water shortages and other natural disasters.
Safe Homes:
A Home Repair Program for Needy Families. Helping make homes more weatherproof and safe for Disabled, Elderly and single Mothers residents. A Positive Volunteer Program of Dedicated Individuals & Donors to Assist Indian Families with Safe & Livable Residence.
Building Homes:
Building a natural house of straw, mud, gravel and rubble; some see it as a symbol of sustainability and autonomy. It may be made of straw, but against the fierce plains winds this house holds up. Cost is $3,000. without a solar system installed.
Volunteer Rez Transportation Assistance Program:
This program would help shuttle elders and the disabled to receive government assistance and medical appointments as needed.
Educational Scholarship Indian Reciprocity Program:
Encourage Youth to enter law, politics, environment, trade & technical schools with a return investment scholarship program.
Financial Work Shops:
Help Indian people to better manage their financial and food assistance to ensure their survival throughout the month.
Micro Management Loans & Training:
The purpose of this program is to educate Indian craftsmen to market their art & crafts to become self-sufficient.

Our Success is only as Good as our Team of Volunteers

We are a grassroots volunteer charity. we strive for 100% of all donations to reach those in need. Our Board, Staff and Volunteers have agreed to accept no salaries for our work with this corporation. Our efforts are to ensure the continual movement of donations and supplies to our fellow Native Americans who are truly in need. Our motive is the sincere desire to serve from the heart, as our ancestors did.

Some of these dedicated volunteers have decades of experience in humanitarian programs, working unselfishly while receiving payments of warm smiles, thank you hugs and heart felt love.

There is no greater satisfaction of the heart then to see the smile on a child’s face when handing them a toy or an elder’s smile upon receiving a warm blanket. There is no greater joy then to serve those who can not serve themselves.




AIHF charges “NO” fees for any services provided. AIHF does not assume responsibility for errors, and all information provided via this Web site is intended for informational purposes only and is subject to change or withdrawal by AIHF at any time without notice. Links from these pages to external Web sites are provided as a service to visitors and do not constitute an endorsement by AIHF. Certain programs, services, projects and links listed here are not operated by nor are they the responsibility of AIHF. Some information published herein is gathered from sources which are thought to be reliable, but the reader should not assume that the information is official or final.

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