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James Fenelon , Ph.D.

James Fenelon , Ph.D.

Northwestern University, 1995
Office: SB-435,
(909) 537-7291

James Fenelon (Lakota/Dakota) is professor of sociology at California State University, San Bernardino, previously teaching in Ohio, publishing: Culturicide, Resistance, and Survival of the Lakota (Sioux Nation), receiving his PhD from Northwestern University, B.A. from Loyola Marymount University, and graduate degrees from Harvard University and the School for International Training. James has published numerous book chapters covering American Indian sociopolitical issues, race/ethnic conflicts, and social policies; published articles in the Humboldt Journal of Social Relations; Journal of Black Studies; Race, Gender, and Class; American Indian Culture and Research Journal; Journal of World-Systems Research; and other academic periodicals. James is an enrolled member at Standing Rock, has worked in many countries, including China, Japan, Denmark, Haiti, Martinique FWI, Malaysia, his origin place in the Dakotas, and recently on sabbatical with the first Indigenous Perspectives program in the United States, India, New Zealand, and Mexico. He is working on a book “Indigenous Peoples and Globalization” with Tom Hall, extending beyond “minority” perspectives in the United States. James has dedicated his professional life toward assisting social justice struggles and teaching students who may make positive contributions for a better world in the twenty first century.

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Our Success is only as Good as our Team of Volunteers

We are a grassroots volunteer charity. we strive for 100% of all donations to reach those in need. Our Board, Staff and Volunteers have agreed to accept no salaries for our work with this corporation. Our efforts are to ensure the continual movement of donations and supplies to our fellow Native Americans who are truly in need. Our motive is the sincere desire to serve from the heart, as our ancestors did.

Some of these dedicated volunteers have decades of experience in humanitarian programs, working unselfishly while receiving payments of warm smiles, thank you hugs and heart felt love.

There is no greater satisfaction of the heart then to see the smile on a child’s face when handing them a toy or an elder’s smile upon receiving a warm blanket. There is no greater joy then to serve those who can not serve themselves.




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